Applied Learning Field School

Altamente regularly welcomes college students, undergraduate and graduate, from different fields to work on several ongoing social research  and/or a variety of business and community develompent projects. The field school experience is more than an internship where professional skills are acquired, it is an ongoing academic mentoring program that requires students to engage in critical review and application of subject matters studied in college. Students are expected to be willing to travel all around the Island to meet any particular project demands.  Students are eligible to receive educational stipends.

Among some of the skills acquired and practiced:

  • interviewing skills
  • field note taking
  • evaluation of interviews and surveys
  • online surveys
  • data entry
  • transcription
  • public speaking
  • logistics and project administration
  • video, image and text analysis
  • participation in data analysis discussion
  • active participation in a variety of community and education workshops